Lifting Magnet for Unloading Cut Sheet

We 've heard about material unloading from the cutting table. But have you heard about lifting magnet for unloading cut sheet metal workpieces as a whole at once? In the past, we generally use a lifter for full steel plate loading onto the cutting table. While after cutting, the material unloading is usually performed one by one manually, which greatly reduces the efficiency.
As you can see, the handrails on both sides of the lifting magnet can facilitate the lifter’s positioning by the worker. The full modular shape without projecting parts, gives the overall lifting magnet a very regular and grand look.

The trial lifting is demonstrated with a cut steel sheet of 4mm thickness. The cut steel workpieces are shaped and of different sizes, adding difficulty to the design of the lifting magnet. The lifter has to adsorb and lift the cut workpieces in their entirety at one time. All the cut workpieces with different shapes were adsorbed and lifted, without any single one left behind. That means that the magnetic force of the magnet module is evenly distributed.
Then we add a 2mm epoxy plate between the cut workpieces and the magnet module, for spaced lifting test. Let’s see whether the magnetic force is enough to lift the whole cut plate and whether the demagnetization can be achieved cleanly. We can see the magnetic force is still enough to lift all the steel pieces without one piece left behind. Also, uniform demagnetization can be achieved when releasing the materials. And no incomplete demagnetization occurs. It means that the magnetic force can be collected and released freely while ensuring safety. ​

In the process of automation production, saving manpower and improving efficiency is the constant theme, and the electro permanent magnet can meet the needs of customers in different working conditions while saving energy. If you need a custom lifting magnet for unloading cut sheet (magnet for ferrous metal or magnetic gripper for automation production), please never hesitate to contact us.

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