How are palletized 0.5 mm cold rolled steel sheets transported in single sheets?

HVR MAG Lifting Magnet: Cold Rolled Steel Sheets Handling

For structural fabrication, ferrous metal handling usually is not like one magnet solves all problems. Today let's see this application of lifting magnet for cold rolled steel sheets handling.

Depending on the customer's requirements, both single sheets and multiple sheets can be handled. If it is a single sheet of the cold rolled sheet that is to be transported, one of the main problems we have to deal with is the oil film tension. And HVR MAG plans to add a splitter to ensure that the palletized cold rolled sheet is adsorbed one piece at a time.
This application case is from an old customer. They got a new project. The working conditions are as follows: the industrial robot arm carries thin steel sheets horizontally. The profile size of the steel sheet is 375*172*0.5mm and has a single weight of 0.27KG. The palletized sheets are 50mm high and 100 sheets in total. The customer's requirements are: 1) the steel sheet must not be deformed when it is lifted; 2) it must be adsorbed one sheet at a time to ensure that it does not stick. 

After docking with the technical engineer, in order to ensure that the steel sheet is not deformed when it is adsorbed, four electro-permanent magnet modules will be distributed evenly on the sheet.
To ensure that the 0.5mm thick cold rolled steel sheet is adsorbed in one piece at a time, it is not possible to solve this problem by magnetic adsorption alone. Because of the oil film tension, it is not possible to be 100% sure that one piece will be lifted at a time. Hence, it is necessary to install a magnetic splitter to tackle this problem.

We 'd glad to remind our customers here. For cold rolled steel sheet handling, if a magnet manufacturer tells you to solve the problem simply by adjusting the magnetic force, increasing the coil, reducing the current, etc., then you cannot afford to be careless. After all, it is you who will end up paying for your purchasing decisions. The problem of oil film tension is best solved by adding a magnetic splitter for single sheet metal handling.

Looking for a lifting magnet for cold rolled steel sheet? Want to solve the problem of single sheet metal lifting? Come to us, HVR MAG will not let you down.

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