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What is the Application of Robotic Arm Magnetic Grippers?

Jul 21,2022

Industrial robot arms have been the attention all over the industrial world, and are more and more widely used. What is the application of robotic arm magnetic grippers? Generally, the robot arm application scenarios are mostly in manufacturing industries with heavy industrial attributes, such as metal processing, polishing and grinding, assembly, machine tool loading and unloading, palletizing/handling, rubber/plastic, sorting, etc. Its application characteristics are very obvious, mainly to replace the manual engaged in scenarios of dangerous work or top intensive, repetitive movements.

According to the principles, a robotic arm gripper can be classified as mechanical, vacuum, or magnetic gripper. As a manufacturing vendor of electro-permanent magnetic grippers, HVR is giving a general description of the application areas of magnetic robotic arm grippers here.

Metal Processing

It can replace manual labor to participate in many processes such as forging, rolling, wire drawing, impact extrusion, bending, and shearing.

Metal Assembly

Robotic arm assembly here generally refers to automotive assembly. In the automated production line, automotive assembly is divided into one process, and engineers set up various procedures to match with workers to meet the installation of doors, front covers, tires, and other parts.

Ferrous Material Loading and Unloading

Material loading and unloading, mainly for production loading difficult problems. For example, for the cutting table, steel tubes, plates or profile materials are large, long, and heavy, manual operation is bound to require the cooperation of multiple people to carry, and there are safety risks. With robotic arm loading and unloading, the program is fixed, the action is fixed, and the loading and unloading efficiency is improved. Robotic magnetic grippers on automated welding lines can also substantially improve welding efficiency and save costs.

Sorting and Palletizing of Ferrous Metals

The robot follows the work on the conveyor belt with vision guidance to pick and then sort to different pallets, characterized by a vision system for positioning compensation and online following and grabbing. The automated metal palletizing equipment, on the other hand, is characterized by a safe and stable system that guarantees palletizing speed, precise position, and palletizing stability. A classic example is the magnetic gripper used in laser cutting lines for cut-off metal parts sorting and palletizing.

Robotic arm applied in manufacturing has formed a certain trend, thanks to the booming development of robotics over the decades. And electro-permanent magnetic grippers are what HVR concentrates on since its foundation. If you are willing to share with us your application of robotic arm magnetic grippers, we would be overwhelmed and happy to respond as quickly as possible. Our e-mail: export@hvrmagnet.com

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